Here are a few things you should know about hosting, support and maintenance

Web hosting on private server

Honeycomb own our own web server and all the websites on it are built by us or have had any software we’re not familiar with removed. Having total control of the server and the websites drastically reduces the risk of hacking and poorly performing websites affecting everyone.
Most other web design companies use shared hosting, where they have no idea what other websites are on the server and no control over the server itself.
Our server is also located in Adelaide in a secure hosting environment. We don’t even know of any web design companies that use SA located servers.

Regular software updates* & backups

We update your website software for minor version updates eg, we will update WordPress 5.1 to 5.2 or 5.3, but not to 6.0 as that is a major version update. Same deal for the plugins, modules etc.

Before updating, we take backups in case something goes wrong, which it sometimes does. If it does, and we can’t easily fix the problem, we’ll restore your website to prior to the updates and contact you to decide what the next step is.

Post Update testing

We check your website to make sure it is operating normally. This is not an extensive test, unless you have a complicated website and we’ve organised with you to do extensive testing.

Anti Spam protection

We use an email relaying company, along with other methods, to filter out the spam, so you only get the ham.

Premium Licence Access

We pay the licensing costs of all standard software on your behalf, so you don’t have to pay ongoing costs here, there and everywhere, or run out of date software. Please keep in mind, that some projects require additional licences. We can discuss this with you before we start working with your project.

How does support work?

All support plans except for “Essential Support” have some time included every month. You can use this time for absolutely anything related to the website – content updates, new pages, DNS changes, general consulting, integrations etc. 

The hours don’t roll to next month, and we encourage you visit your website the way you would visit your shop, or gallery, or restaurant. 

If you run out of support hours but more work needs to be done, we will charge our standard hourly rate in 10min increments (non-subscription clients it is in 30 min increments).


Any mention of Honeycomb, Honeycomb.Design or similar, refers to Honeycomb Consulting Pty Ltd as trustee for Honeycomb Trust.

All Support Packages

  1. Monthly support hours expire if not used within the month, they do not roll over to the next month.
  2. Software Updates are performed on minor versions, they do not cover major version updates. There may be times when Honeycomb.Design elects to do major version updates.
  3. Software Updates are performed on “Standard Software” used by Honeycomb.Design. Should there be complex or unusual software used in your website, at the absolute discretion of Honeycomb.Design, this might not be updated under the monthly support agreement.
  4. Support/Changes time charged, are charged in 15 minute minimum blocks. If you do not have a monthly agreement, support/changes are charged in 30 minute minimum blocks.
  5. All payments made to Honeycomb.Design are non refundable.
  6. The Terms and Conditions can be changed or cancelled at anytime by Honeycomb.Design without notice.


Premium Support – additional terms and conditions

  1. Support requests must be individual support requests that take less than 30 minutes each. Time taken for each task will be exclusively determined by Honeycomb.Design.
  2. At Honeycomb.Design’s absolute discretion, they may decide that a 1 hr task can be included as 2x 30 minute tasks.

Do you have any Qs?

keep it simple- give us a call or drop an email