Preparing Your Community for Disasters & Emergencies – Information Platform Design & Development

Project Overview:

In collaboration with the Legatus Group and Dr. Kristine Peters (, we have developed a comprehensive suite of communication tools and an online platform to deliver critical disaster preparation information for communities. This multi-faceted project addressed various needs:

  • Brand Development: We established a clear and consistent brand identity, including a distinct visual language and messaging framework, for all communication materials. Key objectives included evoking a sense of alertness through colour choices, and ensuring that the brand communicates to younger demographics.
  • Community Event Posters and Social Tiles: We designed a series of visually striking and informative posters to promote and communicate key information about community disaster preparedness consultations throughout the Mid North region.
  • Online Platform Design and Development: We created a user-friendly and accessible online platform to house the prepared content, making it readily available to community members. 


Key Features:

  • Concentrated Information: Content is written and collated to allow a single source of information about preparation for and recovery from disasters. 
  • Clear and Consistent Messaging: A strong brand identity ensures consistent messaging and easy recognition across all communication channels.
  • Engaging Visuals: Impactful visuals that engagingly present challenging topics, communicate urgency without panic, and and demonstrates the contemporary approach to disaster preparation and recovery.


Overall Impact:

This project has delivered tools to empower communities with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively prepare for potential disasters and plan recovery and rebuild.

By increasing awareness and understanding, we have contributed to building more resilient and prepared communities in regional South Australia. 

Funding Acknowledgement:

This project was funded under the Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program funded by the Australian Government and the South Australian Government and delivered by the Legatus Group (Central Local Government Region) to address a gap in collaborative disaster management planning by Councils and their communities.