.au Domain cover

What’s the deal with .au domain names?

If you have a .com.au domain name, then you are eligible for the new .au domains.

These are currently protected, meaning only you can register the same domain name without the .com. As an example, you own topwines.com.au and so now you are eligible to buy topwines.au and only you are able to register this.

However, from 20th September 2022 all untaken au domains will be released and available for anyone to register.

There are a couple of issues we see with this, particularly for well known brands:

  1. cybersquatting
  2. scammers

Take for example a bank such as anz.com.au

If they don’t register the .au name, then someone could take anz.au and either:

  1. Cybersquatters – tell the ANZ they can buy it off them for a large amount of money
  2. Scammers – start sending out scams with the legitimate name of ANZ.AU (upper/lower case does not matter)

There are some protections for this in Australia, but it requires you to make application to have the domain name taken away from someone else and if they have a legitimate reason for having the name, eg. their business name is similar enough to it that they could own it, then you’ll probably have your application denied.

Easiest is – if in doubt, register it, as it’s only $19.95/yr at the moment to do that via Honeycomb. If you’re with Honeycomb, you can simply go in to your Domain account here and register the .au domain name. If you’re not with Honeycomb, then the cost may be much higher.

How to register my .au domain name?

  1. Go here to get your priority token.  Please ensure you are  using the same email address that is associated with the .com.au domain name that you already own. 
  2. To register the .au domain name go to the website where you have your current .au domain name registered (which for most of our clients is with us), or if you are not sure you can go here to register with us. 
  3. Log into the existing account, or you can create a new account, and follow the prompts. 

Reminder – the .au domain names are available for anyone to register from 20th September 2022.